Fizzinity is developed by
InContext Consultancy Group

InContext is an extraordinary consulting firm that helps organisations and their people to be the best they possibly can be. Breathing life into your vision, rethinking your business, fuelling growth, finding new ways and helping you to bring sustainable value to everyone in and around your company.

Our approach
At InContext we believe that the “soft stuff”, like inspiration, creativity and connection only has real impact if it is directly linked to ambition, real-life issues, smart analysis and tangible results. 

Culture change, digital transformation, performance improvement, agile, leadership development and strategic behavioural change are just a few key words from projects we are currently working on

Our Team
InContext, with a core team based in the Netherlands and a large network of associated consultants, trainers, facilitators, organizational psychologists and actors connects with ambitious clients across the globe who aim to change their organization for the better. 

They describe the InContext approach as unorthodox, passionate, conscientious, surprising and constantly focused on achieving measurable results. That is why the largest and most ambitious organizations find their way to InContext.

Our Colleagues

InContext has a core team based in the Netherlands and a large network of associated consultants, business coaches, trainers, facilitators, organizational psychologists and actors. They connect with ambitious clients across the globe who aim to change their organization for the better.

The Fizzinity Team
The Fizzinity Team
The Fizzinity Team
The Fizzinity Team
The Fizzinity Team
The Fizzinity Team

Our digital serious games & tools
for teams

LinkXs Online

A LinkXs game consists of 4 puzzles and associated constructions. Each group is divided into 4 teams. Each team receives puzzle pieces and construction pieces. The aim of the game is to complete the puzzle and its construction as quickly as possible. But there are of course rules, so this is not as obvious as it seems. There is also interdependence. Teams need each other to solve their own puzzle.

  • Collaboration within and between teams and from different locations
  • Communicate openly, honestly and clearly
  • Show personal leadership
Team Flow Index
Team Flow Index (TFI)

Team Flow Index provides a check-up for your virtual team. By using the online teamscan each team determines where the team is now and where the team wants to be. This way, particularly now in this time of virtual cooperation, the team stays connected and is able to define the right priorities. Each team member fills in the scan, so the outcomes are a team effort and all team members have a voice in defining shared objectives.

TFI is an online scan, always and from anywhere accessible. Therefore it is usable right now: TFI can be filled in remotely by team members who work from home. The scan provides direct insight into the priorities and points for improvement of the team for the coming two weeks, months and three months. Even now, or particularly now, you can improve cooperation and results as a team.

  • How do you stay effective and motivated as a team?
  • How do you set the right priorities for your team?
  • Does the team has the right mindset and skills to work in a digital environment?

With TeamworkQT you recognize and solve issues and problems within your team. Discover your own preferred style when tackling these problems and explore alternatives. As a team you gain a better insight into each other’s qualities and you learn to appreciate and use them better. This contributes to a better team atmosphere, inclusion and cooperation. The Quadrality platform is an online, interactive game-environment in which participants encounter recognizable team challenges, make decisions and experience and learn from the consequences involved.

  • Recognize and appreciate the qualities of your colleagues and team.
  • Collectively resolve conflicts and problems.
  • Address issues and have real conversations.
  • Search for ways to overcome differences.
  • Improve the team performance.

Playing TeamUP encourages teams to explore their strengths and their developmental possibilities in a safe and surprising way, both at team level and individually. As they play TeamUP,  the players discuss these developmental areas with one another,  finding solutions that stimulate curiosity as well as having fun in the process.

  • Contributes to a safe learning culture encouraging   conversations about highly relevant issues.
  • Encourages participants to look beyond the boundaries of   their own function, helping each other and succeeding   together.
  • Experiencing and building the mindset shift needed for a   learning and high-performance culture.
  • Experiencing that giving and receiving feedback takes   individual and team performance to the next level.