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With Fizzinity for onboarding, new hires make a flying start within the organization. In a fun, energizing, and entertaining way, new hires get to know each other, the organization, and your unique ways of working. All through interactive serious gaming.

Hundreds of organizations are already using the Fizzinity platform

About Fizzinity for onboarding

As an organization, you want to onboard and train employees in the best way you can. Onboarding is all about helping people make a great start. Connect them with their new colleagues, your culture, and your purpose. Done well, you ensure the complete integration of a new employee within the organization. Done poorly, you increase the chances of a new employee leaving the organization at an early stage (research here).

The missing link in onboarding
The Fizzinity Platform provides a fun and immersive group-based learning experience in which new employees are challenged to complete assignments together, collaborate and discover all there is to know about each other. Along the way, people connect on a deep interpersonal level and interact in a light-hearted playful way with your organization and your unique ways of working. The Fizzinity Platform for onboarding enables you to add a personal and interactive element to your onboarding program making any onboarding program even more memorable. 


  • Enables new employees to get to know each other and create shared memories
  • Enables new employees to get to know the organization and your unique ways of working in a fun and playful way.
  • Fun, personal, and interactive serious gaming experience that re-energizes people during an onboarding program
  • In-game content is 100% customizable towards your organization’s unique ways of working, culture, and atmosphere.
  • Suitable for adding a personal and interactive element in onboarding programs. 
The Fizzinity Team

Setup of the game

  • At the start of the game, every team member answers a series of personal questions. These questions are not the most obvious things to ask. For example: “what is your most embarrassing moment? Or “what do you secretly like but are afraid to say?”. The Fizzinity Platform contains a unique algorithm creating a personalized teambuilding experience based on the answers provided by team members. This enables the platform to create trivia questions and assignments entirely about the team itself.
  • During the game team members take turns choosing the next game category. In total, there are 11 different categories to choose from.
  • While progressing through the game, participants get to know each other in a unique way by sharing personal stories and experiences deducted from the answers they provided to the personal questions at the start of the game.
  • With each correct answer, team members earn points allowing them to compete for the highest-ranking within their own team and organization.
  • Playing time: The Fizzinity Platform is a light-hearted group-based experience for any team at any time or place. You can play Fizzinity for as short or as long as you like but on average, teams take around 60 to 90 minutes to complete the game.
  • Group size: There is no limit to the number of participants. Fizzinity is suitable for teams and organizations of all sizes. However, with teams larger then 8 participants, we recommend playing the game (simultaneously) in multiple sub-groups.
  • Platform: Fizzinity can be played on your smartphone, tablet, or desktop during a group meeting. Questions and group assignments appear on your device while you communicate and collaborate with each other on completing the in-game assignments. Face-to-face or through a virtual hang-out.
  • Plug & Play: The game is plug & play and does not require any installation.
  • GDPR-Proof:In addition, the Fizzinity Platform does not collect any personal data other than a player’s first name or an alias.

The Fizzinity Platform truly packs a punch when it comes to intelligent functionality:

  • Game content is 100% customizable to create a unique experience for your teams and organization
  • In-game leaderboard enables you to kick-start a company-wide onboarding battle
  • 100% plug & play. No installation or setup is required in advance.
  • Fully GDPR compliant. No personal data is collected
  • Easily integrated into any company intranet
“Fizzinity was a massive success. It was such great fun and an energizing break from the grind. Even our Country Manager participated and he loved it”
Fizzinity - The teambuilding game
Beatrijs Louridtz-Quik
Eli Lilly Nederland

Our solutions for onboarding

Our consultants have many hours of experience in developing and facilitating onboarding events using the Fizzinity Platform. We believe every team and organization is different and therefore requires a personalized approach. The versatility of the Fizzinity Platform allows us to tailor any onboarding event together with you to meet your objectives. We offer three high-level solutions for hosting Fizzinity events

Fizzinity - The teambuilding game

End-to-end onboarding Fizzinity event

Many teams and organizations prefer outsourcing a Fizzinity element during their onboarding programs. For those organizations, we offer an end-to-end event solution suitable for virtually any onboarding program. In close collaboration with your team, our facilitators design an onboarding session using the Fizzinity Platform that fits your objectives and organization. We prepare, organize, and host the teambuilding event (60 to 90-minutes) for you and challenge participants to further maximize the effect of the game.

Fizzinity - The teambuilding game

Customzied Fizzinity Experience

As the in-game content of the Fizzinity Platform is 100% customizable, we also tailor the Fizzinity experience for many organizations. Together with you, our consultants dive into the hidden treasures of your organization to create personalized game content. The end result is an immersive and hyper-relevant onboarding experience that connects teams with each other and the organization as a whole.

Fizzinity - The teambuilding game

Plug & Play Fizzinity access

The Fizzinity Platform is easy to use and does not require installation. This is why many teams and organizations organize and host onboarding events themselves, using the Fizzinity Platform. We take care of the technical bits and provide you with all the information and support you need to succeed before, during, and after the session.

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